Free Speech AZ 2017 & United Liberty Coalition

Our first amendment is under attack and freedom of speech is being forcefully shut down across America!

Prominent speakers are being denied the right to speak at higher learning institutions and in public places. Some of which are the same places that gave birth to a free speech revival in the 60’s. Schools should encourage free expression and sharing of ideas. It has become necessary for us at the United Liberty Coalition to hold a free speech event.

The Free Speech Az Symposium 2017 will not just motivate, but educate, organize and inspire all Individuals and groups to unite as one force in defense of our cherished first amendment right. At The Free Speech Az Symposium 2017, you will be entertained and motivated by dynamic speakers, hilarious comedy, and first-class musical acts.

Benefiting from this convention will be you, the American citizens and our nation’s heroes. The majority of the proceeds from Unite Arizona 2017, will be donated to Veterans organizations who assist our bravest with medical issues, PTSD, retraining for jobs and all the daily battles these heroes face.

If we want Arizona to remain just and constitutionally principled for all, then we must unite, work together, and get our state back on the right path. We here at the United Liberty Coalition are confident that Free Speech Az 2017 will be very exciting. We must come together to protect our freedom of speech. Today it is the prominent speakers being denied the right to free speech. Tomorrow it could be you and me.

United Liberty Coalition a 501 (C) 3 Mission Statement

America stands at a crossroads. Due to negative and subversive influences, our nation has drifted politically in a direction that is not only threatening our precious Constitution and Bill of Rights but is also threatening our very society. Not since the Civil War has our nation been so divided. It is this division in our political and social fabric that has been the catalyst which gave birth to the United Liberty Coalition.

Today in our nation, we, unfortunately, have those who seek to destroy our traditional values, our Constitution, and our liberties. United Liberty Coalition stands ready to defend those values, our Constitution and all we hold dear as Americans.

United Liberty Coalition seeks through a process of faith in a higher power to teach, organize and unify those Americans who also believe in our nation’s traditions and that all men are created equal.